Why do we go back?

I, along with other photographers I know, are always asked “why do you go back to the same place over and over again?” The answer is a simple one, “because it’s never the same!”

Atlanta Skyline

Case in point, the Jackson Street Bridge in downtown Atlanta is arguably the best known location to photograph some of the city’s skyline. Yes, the location is the same but the light isn’t. Take the above image, it was captured at 7:32pm on a Sunday and was a 20 second exposure, literally 2 minutes later the lighting, the clouds, the entire persona of the scene changed, yet I hadn’t moved at all.

The image below was captured in the same spot but early in the morning and as you can see, the light is different since it’s sunrise instead of sunset, same place just a different time of day, a different feel or mood if you will.

Atlanta Sunrise

Most photographers I know have a pre-visualized image in their minds when they arrive on a scene. Whether it’s a cityscape or waterfall, a wildlife shot or vast vista and Mother Nature plays a huge roll in whether or not we get that image we had in our heads and Mother Nature is very fickle, she has her own ideas and more times than not they don’t agree with ours. So we keep going back hoping to capture the image we pre-visualized.

Sometimes the light just doesn’t work in our favor but instead of packing it up and heading off, try to see the scene in black and white. By removing some of the color or all of it you can create an image that is just as effective if not more so than the color image you had in mind.

So, gentle reader, that is why we keep going back over and over again.

Click on any of the images to see them full sized over on my smugmug site.

Get out and shoot!



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