Greenbrier in the Smoky’s

I’ve been visiting the Great Smoky Mountains for most of my adult life and I have to admit that I had never been to the Greenbrier area of the park until a few weeks ago. I went up to finally hike the Laurel Falls trail and decided on the way back out to go see Greenbrier.

A Bridge in Greenbrier

This area of the park was almost deserted when I arrived, probably because is was starting to rain a little and it was very overcast. Not ideal weather for most folks, but for photographers it’s a dream. The overcast sky helped to soften and even out the light and with the rains there was plenty of flow in the rivers.

Since I had never been here before I wasn’t sure what to expect, what I discovered was a new place to explore in one of my favorite national parks.

Greenbrier River

I can see future visits to Greenbrier and can’t wait to try out some new gear on my next visit. This part of the Great Smoky Mountains is going to be a real treat for some long exposure photography and I can’t wait to see what blooms this Spring.

Little Pigeon River

Get out and shoot



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